"Uma Mão Lava A Outra" Campaign

Invite friends to open a moey! account. You win 5€, they earn 10€.

Invite friends and win rewards

Invite your friends to open a moey! account

Go to | Settings | in the moey! app, click on | Invite friends | and accept the campaign policy. Then you can invite any friends you want to open a moey! account, directly through the moey! app or by sharing your code via SMS, email or social networks.

Win your reward

Earn 5€ for each friend who, through your invitation, opens a moey! account and makes a total of 20€ or more in payments for services and / or purchases. These amounts are credited directly into your moey! account, within a maximum of 5 working days after your friend has completed all the necessary process.

Keep up with your campaign progress whenever you want

In the same menu | Invite friends |, you can see all the friends you invited and who have already opened moey! account. Then you will know the rewards you have already earned with each one or what you still need to receive.


For more information, check here the Campaign Policy.


Accept the invitation and start earning

Open your moey! account

Click on the link you received from your friend and enter the mobile number you want to associate with your moey! account. In case you only received the referral code, insert it here. From there, you are immediately registered and then you have 30 days to open an account by video call or "Chave Móvel Digital" in just 5 minutes, through the link on the confirmation SMS.

Complete 20€ in payments with your moey! account

To access your reward, you have 30 days after opening the account to complete a total of 20€ or more in payments for services and / or purchases. Please note that money transfers are not covered by this campaign.

Win your reward and start inviting

After completing the previous steps, 10€ are credited directly into your moey! account within 5 working days. From then on, you will be considered host of this campaign, which means that you can invite as many friends as you want and continue to earn money from it: 5€ for each friend who, through your invitation, opens a moey! account and completes at least 20€ in payments.


For more information, check here the Campaign Policy.


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