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    Personal details

    How can I change my number?

    To change the number you use to access moey! follow these steps:

    1) Logout in |Settings|

    2) Open the app again and select |Change number|

    3) You will have to validate your new number and also an email we will send you (like you did when you first registered).

    After this you can access the app with your new number.

    How can I change my device?

    If you want to change the phone you use to access the moey! app, install the app on your new phone and insert the number of the phone you normally use to access moey! Then follow the steps on the app and you’ll be able to access your account on your new phone.

    How can I edit my personal details?

    You can edit your personal and your account information, directly on the app, quickly and simply.
    Go to:
    1) |Settings|
    2) Click on |Account and Profile|
    3) Then on |Profile|
    4) Pick the field you want to change
    5) Edit your personal details
    If you want to change any information that can’t be changed on the app, call us at +351 210 521 500 (domestic or international calls) and we can help.

    How can I download my personal information?

    If you want to have access to, change or delete your personal information please contact Crédito Agrícola Data Protection Supervisor:

    • Email: dpo@creditoagricola.pt

    • Telefone: (+351) 213 809 900

    Please make sure you tell us your mobile number and email associated with your moey! account.

    Account information

    How can I change my app's access code?

    You can change your code directly on the app, in one of two ways:
     1. Load the app and, when asked for your code, choose the option |Forgot Code|
     2. Go to |Settings|, choose the |App Moey!| options and choose |Change App password|
    You will receive an email to get the process started.

    Please make sure you open that email in your smartphone.

    I forgot my app access code.

    Following three access attempts, the app will block your access for about 10 minutes.
    If you type the wrong code again, the blocking time will increase.
    If you forgot your code, click on [Forgot code] on the app’s loading screen and follow instructions to change the code to another of your choice.
    You will receive an email to get the process started. Please make sure you open that email in your smartphone.

    Please open the email with Safari.

    How can I enable or disable touch or face ID?

    You can control several safety definitions on the moey! app, namely enabling or disabling biometric details.
    You can enable or disable biometric details. Go to:
      • |Settings|
      • | App moey!|
      • |Enable / Disable Sign with fingerprint|

    How can I have na IBAN proof?

    To have an IBAN proof in pdf go to:
     • |Settings|
     • |Account and profile|
     • |Account info|
    You can also click on your balance on My moey! and go directly to the screen where you can have your IBAN proof.

    Can I hide the fact that I am a moey! user from my contacts?

    Yes, you can choose not to be listed as a moey! contact.
    Go to:
      • |Settings|
      • |Profile|
      • |Permissions|
      • |Disable visibility|
    If you choose to be invisible, you won’t receive notifications about your friends.

    Do I have to provide proof of funds?

    According to Bank of Portugal regulations, we might require you to provide a pay slip or another document which confirms the origin of your funds.

    Can moey! close my account?

    Yes, moey! reserves the right to close your account at any time, but especially in the following situations:

      • If you don’t use your account for a long period of time (over 12 months)

      • In the event of just cause which justifies closing it

    If moey! decides to close your account you will always we warned at least two months beforehand through the app and your email (unless just cause warrants immediate closure), and an IBAN will be requested to transfer the balance left in your account.

    Can I change the ownership of your account?

    Your moey! account is yours, and yours alone. You can't change the ownership of your account.

    Can I have a joint account?

    You can’t have a joint account. With moey! the account is all yours. Use features like Groups and Split Bill to share your expenses with family and friends

    How can I close my account?

    We don’t recommend you shut down your account, since to open a new moey! account you need to wait 30 days. Besides, having a moey! account is free. Anyhow, if that’s what you really want, you can do so easily in the app. Go to

      • |Settings|

      • Click on |Profile and Account|

      • Click on |Close account|

    Once you’ve done this, in order to improve our service, we will ask you to tell us:

      1. The reason why you are closing your account and

      2. An IBAN to which we can transfer the money you still have in your moey! account.

    How can I have na IBAN proof?

    If you have a negative account balance, you should immediately top up your account.
    For each day with a negative balance, you will be charged Stamp Duty on the first day of the following month.
    In addition, if you enter the default process, this will be reported to Banco de Portugal in accordance with the law.

    Can I hide my balance?

    Yes you can!
    To do that, click on your balance making a long press. The balance will be hiden.
    To se your balance again repeat the action.

    Can I convert my moey! account to a minimal services account?

    moey! account is not a minimal services account.
    If you want to convert it, please visit one of Credito Agrícola's agencies.

    What information is avaliable on Other accounts?

    In |Other accounts|, when you select |Get account info| you have access to the list of entities to whom you gave access to your moey! account information. You can also access the details of the consents given to each entity.
    If you select |Check balance availability| you can give authorization to other entites to check your balance availability.

    How can I see all the consents I gave to access my moey! account?

    To see all the consents you gave to access your moey! account go to |Definitions| and select |Other Accounts|.


    How can I transfer money to my account?

    When you create your moey! account you will be able to transfer money and start using your account.
     You can:
      • Transfer money directly to your account’s IBAN (Bank transfer) – See your IBAN in |Settings| and then in |Account|
    • Associate a credit card and top up your account – Go to |In & Out| and select |Top Up|
    • Ask to have money sent to you by going to In&Out and choosing “Request Money” – You can ask to have money sent through a payment link, or using your phone number (via MB WAY or moey!).
    Please make sure that your contacts have the indicative so they can appear for selection.

    How can I change the email notifications regarding my transactions on the app?

    With moey! you can manage the notifications you want to receive on your phone, directly on the app. To change notification and email preferences go to:

      • |Settings|

      • |App moey!|

      • |Notifications|

      • Choose the type of notifications you’d like to receive

    You can receive emails or notifications through your app. moey! won’t send you SMS notifications.

    How do I invite friends?

    Want to share your moey! experience with your friends? Go to |Settings|, choose |About moey!| and then |Invite friends|.
    Please make sure that your contacts have the indicative so they can appear for selection.

    How can I edit a contact?

    To edit a contact go to:

      • |Settings|

      • |Profile and Account|

      • |Contacts|

    After that you can:

      • Add an IBAN to the contact to make it easier to make transfers

      • Mark your contact as a favourite (this way for some transfers – depending on the amount – you won’t need any additional authentication)

    How can I mark contacs as favourites?

    When you mark a contact as favourite, transactions and transfers to that contact become simpler and faster. This means we will not ask for additional authentication for some transactions. To mark a contact as favourite, go to:

      • |Settings|

      • Click on |Profile and Account|

      • Edit the contact list options

    If your contact does not have a moey! account, you can associate one IBAN to it, but only one.

    How can I change the language in the app?

    The app is available in 2 languages: portuguese and english.
    If the language in your equipment is portuguese, the app will be in portuguese. If your equipment is in another language, the app will be in english.
    To change the language, go to settings in your equipment.

    How can I enable or disable dark mode?

    To enable or disable dark mode update the app and go to:
    • | Definitions |
    • |moey! App! |
    • | Dark mode |
    You have 2 options:
    • Set dark mode to follow your phone settings
    • Turn dark mode on or off only for moey!


    How do I get moey! to stop contacting me?

    To edit the notifications you receive, go to the app’s |Settings|, |App moey!| and then to |Notifications|, where you can choose which you want to receive.
     If you are not a client but you received notifications from Moey, you should use the option in the message to stop receiving them.

    How can I change the consent to use my personal details for marketing communications?

    You need to change your app’s marketing permissions. Go to:

      • |Settings|

      • |Profile and Account|

      • |Permissions|

      • Disable the marketing communications consent option

    If you are not our client, then all you need to do is click on [unsubscribe] on the email or message you received.

    Account security

    I lost or had my telephone stolen, can I continue to use my account?

    If you've lost your phone, or if it was stolen, your moey! account will continue to work normally. To continue to use the app all you need is to install it on a new phone and insert your phone number.
    If you also happened to change number, there is an option on the loading screen where you can update to your new number.
    For security reasons, we suggest you change your moey! access code.
    You can change your code directly on the app, in one of two ways:
      1. Load the app and, when asked for your code, choose the option |Forgot Code|
      2. Go to |Settings|, choose the |App moey!| options and choose the option to change the code.

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