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    What is a Goal?

    A Goal is like a savings account that doesn’t pay interest, or like a piggy bank where you can save money until you reach a certain objective. 
    When you create a moey! current account we automatically generate a Goal for you – that we call a |Main Goal| -, but you can create as many as you want on your app, and customise your savings.
    You can create as many Goals as you please and give them an image, a target value and final date, if you like. These details can be edited whenever you want.
    You can also delete a Goal whenever you want. You won’t lose any money, because there is no interest associated to these goals.

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    How do I put money in a Goal?

    We want to help you reach your objectives, so you have plenty of options for placing money in a Goal:
       • Swipe any income and divert it to the Goal of your choice
       • Deposit directly into a Goal by going to |Goals| and choosing the option to deposit money directly into that Goal whenever you want
       • Set automatic deposits in |Goals|: we give you 2 options so that you don’t have to worry about your savings:
               1) You can roundup all your purchases to a Goal of your choice; and 
               2) You can set recurrent deposits for each Goal. These can be daily, weekly or monthly 
    All these options are available when you click on |Goals|.

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    How can I take money out of a Goal?

    You can withdraw money from a Goal at any time. Go to:

      • |Goal|

      • Click on |Withdraw|

      • Specify how much and where you want to transfer the money to (current account, or another Goal)

    You can delete a Goal or withdraw money from it whenever you want. You won’t lose any money, because there is no interest associated to these goals.

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    Can I transfer money from one Goal to another?

    Yes, you can. Choose the Goal you want to withdraw money from and follow these steps:

      • Click |Withdraw|

      • Select the amount you want to withdraw

      • Choose where you want to send the money (My moey! current account or another Goal)

    It’s easy and it’s fast. When you’re done the money will already be in the destination you chose.

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    How do I know if I reached a Goal?

    We’ll send you a notification when you reach 80% of your Goal, and another when you reach the full amount. 
    When you achieve a Goal, the balance of your Goal is not automatically transferred to your current account. It remains in your Goal until you choose the best moment to enjoy it.

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    What happens if I reach the final date for my savings and I haven't completed my Goal?

    We’ll send you a notification warning you that the date you set for your Goal has arrived, and with a number of suggestions to help you save, such as setting a recurring transfer.

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    How can I hide a Goal balance?

    To hide the balance of a Goal, access the Goal, click on the icon in the upper right corner to edit the Goal and activate the Hide from total Goals balance.
    After that, the Goal will have the symbol that shows that the balance is hidden and its balance will not be shown in the total Goals balance.

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    What are Groups?

    The Groups feature allows you to manage expenses with friends, family or whoever you want, easily.
    When you create a Group you can invite people, customise it to your liking and start to insert expenses.
    For each expense you can say who owes what, and to whom, and transfer money directly to them, or request payments. We’re just trying to make life easier for you and your friends!

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    How do I create a Group?

    You can create a Group on |My moey!| screen, by clicking on the icon in the upper left-hand corner. Name the Group, choose an image and add members, so that they can start inserting their expenses.
    At the end, moey! does the maths and calculates who owes whom, and how much.

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    How do I put expenses in a Group?

    There are two ways of doing that:
    1. Directly from |My moey!|:
    a. Swipe any expense
      b. A shortcut will appear, allowing you to send it to the Group of your choice 
    2. Inside a Group:
    a. Use the option to add an expense 
    b. Choose if you want to add manually or choose an expense from your timeline 
    An expense can only be associated to a person, but it can be divided by all or some of the members of a Group.

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    How do I edit expenses in a Group?

    To edit an expense, follow these steps:
    • Go to |Groups|
    • Choose any expense in the Group 
    • Edit the expense

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    How do I pay and receive money in a Group?

    To make it easier to manage all your Groups, you can send and receive money directly in each one.
    You just need to:
    • Choose any Group 
    • Click |See balances|
    • Send or receive money to the people you need to settle accounts with 
    When you send a money request it will be stored in your pending requests. If the recipient uses moey!, you can go to the list and send one reminder a day. 

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    How do I add people to a Group?

    If you are creating a Group, there is a specific screen where you can add all the members you want.
    If you’ve already created the Group and you want to add more people, follow these steps: 
    • Choose the |Group|
    • Click |Edit Group|
    • Click |Add members|
    • Choose the members you want to include in the Group
    You can add any contact to a Group. Group members who also use moey! will receive a push notification warning them that they have been added to a Group, and that they can see all the details, add expenses and see who they owe, who owes them, and how much.
    Members who do not have moey! will get an SMS telling them that they have been added to a Group, but they won’t be able to see any more details. 


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    How do I split a bill with friends?

    With moey! you can split bills easily and quickly with whoever you want. You have 3 options:
      1- Directly from |My moey!|: swipe any purchase and you’ll have a shortcut to |split| the bill
      2- Through |In & Out|: click |split bill| and then choose any purchase directly from your timeline or insert a new value 
      3- By creating a Group with your friends, where each one places his or her expenses 
    After choosing the expense or introducing a new value, you’ll have to choose who you want to split it with and who owes what.

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    What roles are there in a Group?

    Any user can add expenses or people to a Group. 
    However, only the Group’s creator (the admin) can close the Group.

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    How do I delete a group?

    You can eliminate a Group completely, but first you need to exit it. When you leave the Group it is stored at the end of the list as closed. Just swipe left over the Group and click |Eliminate|. 
    If you eliminate the Group you won’t be able to consult its history.

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    How can I exit a Group?

    Whenever you are added to a Group you become a member by default, but you can leave at any time. To leave the Group you first need to indicate that your accounts are settled. Then you can leave.

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    How do I close a Group?

    Only the user who created the Group can close it. To do so, follow these steps: 
    Go to:
    • |Group settings|
    • Click on |Close Group|
    Attention: all Group accounts have to be settled in order for it to be closed.
    If you didn’t create the Group, but you want to exit it, you have to have your accounts settled first. Once you’ve done so, you can leave the Group.
    To do so, follow these steps:
    • Access the Group settings
    • Click |Exit Group|
    Groups that have been closed, or which you have left, will no longer be available on the Groups main screen, but you can find them at the end of the list, with the closed Groups.
    You can always see the history, even if the Group is no longer active. 


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    What is a budget?

    moey! helps you to manage your budget in a simple and smart way.
    You can set a limit for your monthly expenses and keep track of whether you are going to meet your goal.
    This budget is global, it is not possible to define a budget by category.
    Whenever you set a budget, it will be applied to all past months.

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    How do I create a budget?

    To set a limit on your expenses:
       • Go to |Stats|
       • Click |Create budget|
       • Set your limit select the edit icon
    We will show you what you spent on the previous month and how much you spent in the current month to help you set your limit.

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    How do I cancel a budget?

    To cancel a limit on your expenses:
    • Go to |Stats|
    • Click on the defined budget
    • Select the icon - Eliminate

    Confirm that you want to eliminate and that's it!

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    How do I know if I will meet my target?

    In Stats depending on your current expenses, the color of the bar means:
    Blue: you are well on your way to meeting your budget;
    Orange: you’re still on budget, but at that rate you’re not going to meet your goal. 
    Red: you have already exceeded your goal.
    You can click on the budget to have more information.

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    Round up

    How do the roundups work?

    A good way to save for one of your Goals is to set automatic roundups for your expenses. This option can be enabled for one |Goal| at a time.
    When you enable roundups you can choose if you want to roundup to the closest unit, or to multiples of 5€ or 10€.
    These are some examples:
    • Roundup to the closest unit: if your expense is 2,5€ you send 0,5€ to the chosen Goal
    • Roundup to multiple of 5€: for a 2,5€ expense, you send another 2,5€ to your chosen Goal
    • Roundup to multiple of 10€: for a 2,5€ expense you send 7,5€ to your chosen Goal
    You can disable roundups or choose a new Goal to send them to whenever you want.

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    How do I know the round up amount that was sent to Goal?

    To check the round up ammount that was sent to goal, select a transaction with moey! symbol.  
    When you click in that transaction you can check the detail of that round up:
        • Amount sent to Goal
        • Goal with active round up
        • Data and Time of the round up
    If you click on the goal card you will be redirected to your goal's feed.
    If you make a transaction that originates a withheld balance, the amount of the round up will be sent to Goal only when the transaction is confirmed. The date of the original transaction will continue to be the one when the purchase ocurred, but the round up will have a later date.

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    What is Stats?

    In Stats you can see all your transactions.
    You can see your expenses by category, sub category or transaction for the selected month. It is also possible to have the accumulated vision from the moment you open an account.
    It is also possible to check the evolution of account entries by moth and in total.

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    Can I set different dates to see the information in Stats?

    Stats dates are not customizable. They start on the 1st of each month and end on the last day of each month.

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