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Send and request money without costs or delays

moey!® is part of the Crédito Agrícola Group

We're not all the same and moey! deals perfectly with that

Send money to your contacts with one click

To transfer money, you can use moey!, MB WAY or even use IBAN, without costs. To facilitate, you can also add IBAN to all of your contacts and send money even faster.

Quickly receive and request money from your contacts

Request money to your contacts whether if they use moey! or MB WAY; In case they haven't any of these, send them a payment link which is sent via text message.

Withdraw cash without a card

Withdrawing cash without a card it's possible with MB WAY

All you need is to set the amount on the app and then go to the nearest ATM and insert the code we send to you. It's as simple as it is safe.

moey! is here to keep it simple

Split bills right away, with no stress

All you need is to choose from your contacts, the ones who you want to split a bill with or ask for money. You'll be notified every time somebody pays.

Add photos, images and notes to your joint expenses

Make sure that everyone's know everything about the group expense, adding details like images, photos or simply adding notes with a personalized description of it.

There are plenty of ways to top up your account

Top up your account easily

Top up your account using IBAN in an ATM, payment link, MB WAY or credit/debit card. Money will appear in your account straight away.

Use moey! to receive your salary

Share your IBAN with your employer and get your salary received into your moey! account every month. If you have all your incomes and expenses together you'll get a clearer view of your money movements, month after month.

Say goodbye to the "oh no! I totally forgot"

Set recurrent payments

Whether it's house rent or yoga classes, define the frequency of your payments and never miss a deadline. As soon as you set them all, your life will get much easier.

Get full control on direct debits

With moey! you can access all of your direct debits, edit and cancel them anytime.

Don't wait for tomorrow!

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